Grapple Slings and Moonshine: Conversations with the men who tested atomic weapons on Christmas Island

5 thoughts on “Grapple Slings and Moonshine: Conversations with the men who tested atomic weapons on Christmas Island”

  1. very interesting and some parallel with my experience on the Monte Bello Islands in 1956 for operation Mosaic with the controversial G 2 test


  2. My dad served in the Royal engineers on Christmas islands after the tests clearing the site 59 60
    They would fish and camp by the lagoon near the blast point on their leave days he said the ground was black.
    He loved his time on the island but was never told the risks


  3. Looking for Sapper Terrence Edward Purcell who served 56-58 on the island. Find me on FaceBook “Royal Engineers and other services Hong Kong 156-59


  4. Hi. I was there for the grapple tests 58/59, so saw the big one. have always had that thought in my mind about the effects afterwards. But on leaving the island, I was posted to R E bomb disposal for 1 year, and on leaving the army in 1960. Went on to form my own explosive demolition co. The point that I want to make, is that handling explosives i,e. Nitro glycerine for years after. I have been doing some research, and it appears that nitro alters the D N A to resist cancer. as far as I can tell, from all the test reunions, and all the vets that I have spoken to, I am very fortunate to still be cancer free. and it’s all down to Fate.


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